Project Overview

MedesEz is a product built from scratch, a healthcare oriented app which helps admin users to document every data of a patients namely medication, patient list, billing and other records.


Syed Rameez, Varsha Venkatesh


User Journey

Information Architecture



Patient Listing: Patient listing screen is a list of patient details which helps the user to onboard new patients, change status of existing and also has basic details which helps the user to take a look at all the priority data at one shot. Detail view being more elaborate it helps to view the patients history, photos, medication, labs etc.

Wards: Wards being one of the important requirement, this shows the overall count how many beds available in the hospital out of which how many are occupied making it easier for the user to know the Availability of beds.

Scheduling: Scheduling helps to view the whole agenda of the hospital and the doctors, to schedule appointments with ease, without questioning a person back and forth. This reduces a lot of time for the user.

Labs: Hospitals are also a place for numerous Lab tests and scans are taken, this helps the user to add/edit lab reports and it also sorts the requested and completed requests to reduce the list entries and also makes it easy for users to prioritise the in progress (requested) ones.

Billing: Billing motivates the user to add new invoice and create payment reports which can be saved as a record and printed out, this reduces paper work and the time involved in the process also recording all the billing details for future reference.

Define the problem

How might we design a solution for small hospital or clinic to make their process easy and efficient.


Market analysis: Clinics and Hospitals with 50-100 beds ignore to use data management software for cost efficiency to the management because the active applications in the market today is expensive and requires tech knowledge to be operated.

Complexity on viewing patient data: Small hospitals write down the data or use an application to manage data, where viewing patient data is very complex and hard to manage or enter new one.

Bed Availability: Receptionist have to go through the application to know the availability of the beds where colours communicating wrong meaning which leads with lack of clarity in availability

Availability of doctors: Complicated process to know the doctor's availability and schedule an appointment.

Navigation: Navigation in existing software is so much confusing and many menus stacked under one


  • A single place for storing all important datas and documents

  • Easy access to information


  • Keeping it more accessible so it can be used by everybody.

  • To provide a great experience is not just solving a single problem but also solving all the possible problems.