Project Overview

Pairnything is a product based out of California, USA built for wine consumers to engage with wineries technically, Wine consumers can learn about wines, taste preferences, buy wines and even attend tasting events through this app. The requirement for this product is to create an user facing app for mobile [IOS and Android], a wineries portal for engagement and an admin portal where the Admin can onboard the wineries and maintain records. Below is the process I followed to build the User facing mobile app.

My Role

I owned and led the entire design process, including UX research, interaction design, visual design and prototypes.


Information Architecture

User Flow



Welcome and On-board: An user can download the app through a wineries request or he/she can install it find wineries to interact and purchase from, while on boarding users are asked a various questions on their taste preference and wine knowledge to know and serve them better.

Pairing Recommendation: Pairing recommendations are one of our most important feature, our system is filled with different kinds and cuisines of dishes with which the users can match their wines or interact with wineries to find the best match for their choice of wine, Users can also rate a recommendation.

Ordering Wine: One can purchase wines at the comfort of their homes, they do not have to compromise on the taste and quality, with the variety of wines listed across different wineries user can pick their choice of wine and it can be shipped to any location in the country.

Events: Users looking to build a community out of this and want interaction, they can attend a list of events from the wineries they are a part of, they can also gain a great knowledge of wines through such events.

Define the problem

  • Unaware of the food pairings: Purchasing new wines, users find it very difficult to know what type of food goes best with their wine.

  • Unable to go to the location and shop: Due to the imposed lockdowns users are unable to pick wines from their favourite wineries and end up compromising with their wines.

  • Lack of wine knowledge: As a new age wine consumer it is hard to know which brand wines are better and what type, varietal and appellation should be consumed.

  • Unable to change the taste and brand: Used to certain brand and taste concentration users find it difficult to adapt to the wines


A takeaway from “The Influence of Mobile Apps on Wine Purchases,” an analysis by digital marketing consulting firm Lotus Growth and Hello Vino’s wine recommendation application, was that most wine consumers were not aware of the wineries and brands prior to engaging with the promoted wines on their app. The findings suggest how by integrating with category focused apps, such as wine brands partnering with wine apps, marketers can reach consumers in a more deeply contextual manner.

Which also drives to the fact that mobile being the bridge between physical and digital world, the necessity of a guide to purchase wines in our hands has increased paving way to the rise of multiple apps across, as important as it is to order wines at the comfort of our house is to know the right way to consume it, so we gathered to build an app which majorly solves all the problems for wine drinkers. Namely,

  • Pairing recommendations to know what food goes best with their choice of wine.

  • Purchasing wines from the comfort of their homes and delivering it to anywhere in the country.

  • Gaining wine knowledge and building a community for wine drinkers

There were also a few take-aways we got from reading various blogs:

  • Among the wine consumers the majority of them did not know where their wines came from.

  • They were always over-whelmed by the racks at the stores.

  • On an Average a wine drinker buys the same brand for almost 6 months a year.

  • Each consumer recommends their choice of wine to a minimum of 30% of people among their friends and family. *Source: Various blogs online



  • Made the process of wine purchasing very simple and safe.

  • Providing taste preferences to make the experience more delightful.


  • Keeping it more accessible so it can be used by everybody.

  • To provide a great experience is not just solving a single problem but also solving all the possible problems.

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